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¡¡¡¡Development situation: the domestic and overseas renowned modern logistics and international trade enterprises, such as American 3M, Honeywell, Prologis, Mediterranean Shipping CompanyS.A. and Militzer & Muench Tianbao (Tianjin) International Forwarding Co. Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corp. and Sumitomo Corporation, Singapore Mapletree and YCH, Hong Kong's Orient Overseas International (OOIL) and Kerry Logistics, China Cosco Holdings and Cosbulk have established economic and trade links with more than 100 countries and districts in the world.

¡¡¡¡Development key point: actively propel alliance and cooperation among ports around Bohai to form a complete logistic supply chain system and a rapid freight distribution network with functional complementation, service interconnection and information intercommunication and build a multi-way combined transport system which integrates sea, land and air. Positively cultivate a modern logistics market main body, regard international renowned logistics enterprises such as Cosbulk, Zhenhua Logistics, Tianhui Shipping, OOIL, Singapore YCH, OKAYA and the like as the base and carry on introducing domestic and overseas large-scale shipping companies and international renowned logistics enterprises. Formulate a support policy to encourage the local traffic and transportation enterprises and enterprises such as wholesale warehouse, freight forwarders and the like to compose a large-scale modern logistics group via combination and merger, encourage the logistic enterprises in the city to enter into the logistics marketing network, guide the logistics enterprises to develop towards collectivization and internationalization, cultivate a batch of logistics enterprises as100 national top enterprises and help the logistics enterprises featured with good operation and management as well as growth potential to be listed.

Toyota Tsusho Corp
Huayu Airfreight

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