Clustered business


Forte Lakeside Square
¡¡¡¡Rapidly boost the construction of the business destination in the Tianjin Airport Economic Area, complete the Fashionable Arena, start the construction of the Lakeside Square, and complete the pile foundation project of the First Costal City so as to guarantee to open the business and implement the operation by the end of 2013. The public service capability is improved continuously; the Fitness Center, the Neighborhood Center and the Lucia Business Street are put into use; The Kindergarten is opened formally; the Culture Center main body is capped; the design and prepare work of the international hospital is completed; and the construction propulsion of the social service system for the first-class business area, the second-class branches and the third-class supporting facilities are being accelerated.

¡¡¡¡The Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee promotes the construction of the commercial buildings, such as the First City of Binhai, the Lakeside Square and the Fashionable Arena at full blast to work hard to form a Destination Consumption Center as soon as possible. Actively strive for the settlement of headquarters projects, perfect business and property service supporting and create a ¡°Business Park¡±with a brand-new concept. Further perfect the policy and supporting environment, support the expansion and enhancement of the markets in the fields of noble metals, cotton, coal, rare metal, import wine and the like and create a bulk commodity and scarce resource market cluster.

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