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ĦĦĦĦDevelopment basis: there are obvious comparative advantages for developing the headquarters economy in the Airport Economic Zone of The Free Trade Zone. Firstly, the location is good as the Zone abutted to Tianjin urban area is a zone which is closest to Beijing and Tianjin urban area in Tianjin Binhai New Areas and is a portal area of Tianjin Binhai New Areas. Secondly, the environment is friendly as the Zone has established with series environment protection facilities, such as cogeneration, geothermal resources cascaded utilization, solar energy generation, water circulation system and the like and owned massive green landscapes such as forest park, Eco-Lake, golf course and the like; and the zone is an ecological type modern park and is rated as Tianjin Circular Economy Demonstration Area. Thirdly, the policy here is good as the zone not only has various policy functions, such as development zone, Free Trade Zone and Science and Technology Park and the like, but it also has the Ħ°three-in-oneĦħunique advantage. Recently, a policy of supporting the headquarters and building economy is worked out in the Zone; through the supporting policy, the 1 million square meters of buildings and standard plants under construction in the Zone are bound with 1 million square meters of Commercial Housing under construction, so that while enjoying the existing preferential policy in aspects of tax and land use, the enterprises in the Zone can enjoy multiple preferential policies, such as purchasing office occupancy, renting office occupancy and encouraging Commercial Housing and the like.

ĦĦĦĦDevelopment situation: in recent year, the headquarters economy in the Airport Economic Zone of The Free Trade Zone is developed rapidly as a multitude of regional and Chinese headquarters, such as China Cosco Holdings, Volkswagen China, Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, MCC Tiangong Group Corporation Limited, China Mobile, China Telecom, Ansteel, Baosteel, Suning Appliance are gathered here successively. Along with the eruption of the investment promotion campaign of the headquarters economy in the Zone, the economic aggregate of the Zone in future 1-2 years will be developed unconventionally, the regional feature will be improved greatly; and at this moment, the modern new urban area which gathers industries, compounds functions and is ecological, livable and lifeful will be substantially established.

China Mobile
MCC Tiangong Group Corporation Limited

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