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Ruipu Biology
¡¡¡¡Development goal: by regarding spot traditional Chinese medicine, chemical medicine and biopharmaceutical industry as the key point, apply a high and new technology to reform the traditional medicine industry and rapidly enlarge the scale of the biomedicine industry to realize the industrial optimization and upgrading. Strive to promote the development of the biomedicine enterprise which regards the biological engineering and genetic engineering as the key points so as to form a national significant antivirus research, development and production base, an original place of Chinese industrial biotechnology, a personnel training base, a scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization base and a redeemable area of the industrial biotechnology industry development. By 2015, the total industrial output value of the biotechnology and spot medicine enterprises is beyond 3 billion Yuan.

¡¡¡¡Development key point: introduce large-scale biopharmaceutical enterprises with large-scale and strong research and development capability, develop a batch of new medicine products with proprietary intellectual property rights and enhance the self-dependent innovation and integral innovation capability. Strive to develop the biopharmaceutical technology represented by the gene technology and realize industrialization, actively promote the construction of the industrial biotechnology research and development base, together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, strive to promote Fusogen Anti-AIDS drugs project and realizes the industrialization and speed up the construction of the drug research and development and industrialization bases in universities, such as Pharmaceutical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tianjin Medical University.

Heze Biology

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