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¡¡¡¡Development situation: As more than 30 key enterprises, such as Caterpillar, Kosh Corporation and Terex Corporation from America, Aluminum Company and Magna from Canada, Alston from France, Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd, Sinkiang TBEA, Tianjin TQM Automobile Part Co., Ltd. and the like successively start working and put into practice in recent years, the equipment manufacturing industry has tremendous development momentum.

¡¡¡¡Development goal: following the trend of intellectualization, flexibility, set formation and large-scale formation, strive to promote the optimization of industry organization structure and upgrading of industry structure by regarding the market as an orientation and a structure adjustment as a main line, continuously improve the integral quality of the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry and cultivate a batch of large-scale mechanical equipment enterprise groups and key enterprises with relatively strong international competitive force and form a batch of famous-brand products with advanced market share. Fight for establishing a batch of national and provincial technical centers, engineering centers or research and development centers, improve the research and development strength and technology content for the equipment manufacturing, enlarge the share of the high-end market of the national and global equipment manufacturing industry. By 2015, the total industrial output value of the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry will be up to 20 billion Yuan.

¡¡¡¡Development key point: by regarding Liugong Machinery, Caterpillar and Terex Corporation as leaders, construct an important engineering mechanical assembly and after-sales maintenance center in the north of China; by regarding the TBEA and Aluminum Company of Canada as the leaders, strive to develop medium-voltage and low-voltage series power transmission and distribution complete equipment and transmission and distribution substation intelligent automatic control equipment, speed up the development of the high-voltage and ultrahigh-voltage transmission and transformation complete equipment, and construct a manufacturing and distribution center of great variety of high-voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage transformers and special cables; and by regarding the enterprises, such as Tianjin Machine Tool Plant as leaders, construct a numerical gear research, development and processing base and inaugurate a new field of the numerical machine tool production equipment.

Kosh Corporation
Aluminum Company of Canada

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