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ĦĦĦĦDeveloping situation: aviation industry develops from nothing in Free Trade Zone. 29 world-renowned aviation enterprises, such as Airbus A320 Assembling Line, US Goodrich, PPG, French Thales, Left Avandia, Lufthansa, Spanish Indra, Air China Helicopter, Wing Assembly of XiĦŻan Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd., Hainan Airlines, Haite, Hangxin and Siwei Universal Aviation, have been settled down in Airport Logistics Processing Zone and involve in the fields, such as airplane assembly, part manufacturing, aviation tenancy, logistics and service. The Airbus A320 series Airplane Tianjin assembling line is the first airplane assembling line of the airbus, except for Europe, is built in a joint venture manner by a Chinese association which is composed of the Airbus Company, Tianjin Free Trade Zone and AVIC and has a significance for promoting international development of Chinese civil airplane industry and speeding up development and openness of Tianjin Binhai New Area. The project was started construction on May. 15, 2007 and formally put into production on Sep. 28, 2008; the test flight of the first airplane was succeeded on May. 18, 2009 and the airplanes were handed over for use on Jun. 23. At present, 11 airplanes have been handed over successfully; assembly and delivery of 26 airplanes will be accomplished in 2010; production and delivery rate of 3 airplanes per month will be reached in the fourth quarter of 2010; and production and delivery rate of four airplanes per month will be reached by the end of 2011. According to the helicopter project of AVIC, a core gathered base of Chinese helicopter industry with international competitive force will be created; the helicopter industry will become the iconic high-tech industry in Tianjin. More than 300 helicopters of various types, which take up about 15-20% of the global annual output, can be produced yearly until 2017.

ĦĦĦĦDevelopment goal: following the development trend of the aviation industry and technology in the world, actively participate in international division of labor, accept industrial transfer and trace technology development to promote agglomeration and integration of various dominant resources and build a platform for international cooperation so as to finally obtain proprietary intellectual property rights and gradually form an aviation industry group which regards the its own ability of sustainable development as a core, realizes introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, has a complete industrial chain and highly gathered relevant part industries and is built into an open, high-tech and modern manufacturing, research and development transformation base for civil aviation industry. By 2015, the total industrial output value of the civil aviation industry will be up to 80 billion Yuan.

ĦĦĦĦDevelopment key point: by regarding the science and technology industrial base of CAAC as a carrier and the A320 airplane assembling line as a leader, attract the airplane part industries to gather here so as to drive coordinated development of relevant industries in the fields of research and development, sales and maintenance, and form a development pattern of the civil aviation industry which regards large-scale civil airplane assembly as the leader and the science & technology research and development as the guide. Focus on the development of supporting industries such as airplane parts, the whole engine and part manufacturing, onboard system and equipment manufacturing, and actively develop relevant industries such as airport traffic control equipment and airport ground equipment manufacturing, airplane maintenance and civil aviation training to construct and complete supporting systems such as research & development and intermediary services.

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